Why Partner with BAE Systems Applied Intelligence?

BAE Systems has a wealth of experience and expertise in three key growth areas — cyber security, financial crime and communications intelligence. This offers opportunities for organisations working with us — our partners.

We want to work with organisations who see the same market opportunities and who share the same desire to help clients build robust systems to protect their businesses, whatever the threat.

BAE Systems wants to help partners enjoy the huge potential of the marketplace in front of us. We'll collaborate with you to extend your footprint, whilst also enabling you to increase your scope through the incremental value our products and services can bring. Ultimately we want any relationship between BAE Systems and our partners to expand the proposition to the end-user.

The partner programmes have been designed with this in mind with all the various elements focused on addressing how, collectively, we can continue to solve customer problems and increase customer satisfaction in existing clients as well as using the programme to win additional clients.  We can assist with strategy guidance for go-to-market activity. We'll provide corporate collateral and branding for you to use to reach out to wider audiences or for retention marketing to existing customers to give them comfort in knowing we're the best technology partnership. We'll also provide planning and strategy documentation to help shape ideas and maintain business momentum.



How to apply to become a partner with us

If you have a question or would like to apply to become a partner with us, please fill out the application form. You will receive a response within 24hrs.


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